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Turn your CEO into a torchbearer for your business. Nothing is more effective in terms of marketing, sales and sheer credibility than a CEO who can provide insightful commentary about the industry his or her company operates in. We are in the business of editorial-level content tailored for top tech and business publications.


C-level executives are busy leading, strategizing and making sure the company stays on course. We ghostwrite for busy executives who need - for marketing and PR purposes - to have bylines in relevant publications. We write the content, devise an A to Z strategy and craft killer pitches that land your think pieces in front of thousands of eyeballs.


Your blog is not a place for self-congratulatory puff pieces by your marketing team. Your blog can be a traffic monster if you treat it like a publication. Our content goes beyond mere marketing talking points and provides insights not only about your product, but also about the surrounding industry, making for engaging and shareable content.


Long form content is what pillar content is made of. This type of content is often evergreen, loved both by search engines and actual human beings. Long form articles drill deep into a given topic and provide the audience with actionable and meaningful takeaways. Long form content is beyond the usual filler content and tends to get more shares on social than average blog posts.


Brands need content that addresses the brand, its value proposition in a variety of contexts, as well as opportunities and challenges in the industry the company operates in. Brands can use such content for a variety of purposes, for acquisition and retention purposes or targeted email marketing. What's a brand without branded content?


Most startups around the world usually choose English as the language of their website and product. This means that non-native-English speaking founders find themselves writing copy. Instead of selling your service in flawed English to save a penny,why not hire a professional to do the job? Remember, proper use of language is essential to your credibility.


Good writing is like a windowpane.
— George Orwell


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